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Our Process

Our tailored approach to the development of investment strategy has evolved over time so that our clients’ portfolios can be positioned to take advantage of market inefficiencies and the attractive opportunities they present.

The most important part of the approach is understanding our clients and their needs.  Only then can we begin building an investor’s particular investment strategy.  At Financial Resource Services, we believe this comprehensive approach to discovery and assessment can be one of the most critical conversations we have with our clients.

At Financial Resource Services, we see you, your life, and the way you should invest from a unique perspective.  Where you want to go in life – and managing the risks that can hamper your progress – is what really matters. 
Here are the five steps we’ll take to get you there:


In DISCOVERY we’ll help clarify your life goals, and arrange them by time-frame and priority.  We’ll explore how specific goals fit into the greater picture of your life and we’ll challenge your previous investment assumptions if they only focused on your immediate financial concerns.


Then we’ll ASSESS the needs and issues surrounding each of your goals and develop a clearer perspective for what needs to be done.  You’ll have complete clarity regarding your risks as well as your opportunities.


Together, we’ll EVALUATE options and select from numerous goals-based scenarios that reveal how you can ultimately use your wealth to pursue your most significant objectives.


We will work within a disciplined environment to IMPLEMENT a program whose elements remain consistent with your life’s goals.  We’ll make your vision a top priority.



ADJUSTING your program, we’ll help you anticipate and deal with life’s inevitable changes.  We’re prepared to help with the unexpected, and ready to recommend options for adjusting your life and wealth program to strive to ensure that it continually supports the way you want to live.

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